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Eurocontrol Commences Albanian National Fuel Marking Contract

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Toronto, CANADA, September 4, 2013 – Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. (TSX Venture: EUO), a Canadian state-owned company specializing in the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative energy security, verification and certification technologies, announces that its wholly owned subsidiary Global Fluids International S.A. (“GFI”) has started the contract for the marking and tracking of fuel at the national level in Albania.

With the implementation of this fuel marking and tracking contract, Albania is making progress in the fight against corruption in the area of the oil market in the Balkan region, and based on the results in other countries, Albania is poised to have an increase in tax collection for fuel from 150 million to 200 million Euros per year and an improvement in fuel quality and the environment.

Bruce Rowlands, President and CEO of Eurocontrol stated: “The implementation of the fuel labeling system by GFI constitutes in itself a comprehensive campaign in the fight against tax evasion from fuels. We are very happy that the Albanian government has undertaken this positive initiative in improving tax collection and fuel quality.

About Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc.

The Eurocontrol company through its three sub-companies, Global Fluids Internacional S.A. (“GFI”), Xenemetrix Inc. (“Xenemetrix”) and XwinSys Ltd. (“XwinSys”), is a leading global marking and detection systems company. GFI and Xenemetrix are world pioneers in the development and implementation of innovative molecular labeling systems for the oil industry, and currently XwinSys is a company developing these systems. The unique verification system, for which GFI has the patent, PetromarkTm, is the world’s optimal solution for fully integrated fuel marking, enormes tetas webcam mixing and detection. Xenemetrix Company is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (“EDXRF”) systems, a technology that is the most accurate and cost-effective method of determining the chemical composition of many materials, including the analysis of fuel oils and their by-products. XwinSys is currently developing intellectual property that will combine 2D and 3D image processing technology from Brossh Inspection Systems Ltd. from Israel with Xenemetrix’s EDXRF technology to detect manufacturing defects in the semi-manufacturing process. Visit sikishub.

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