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GFI Albania is established as a concessionary company to implement the national project of marking fuels and crude oil. The technology of the project is based on the Petromark system, developed by Global Fluids International (GFI Petromark), now SICPA GFI, one of the leading companies in the world for marking fuels. Petromark is an advanced, sophisticated and fully integrated marking system. The system is user friendly, simple to understand, operate and easy to implement in the site. It provides immediate final result on site.

The oil industry is plagued with many negative phenomena, which are frequently highly sophisticated, incurring significant losses to governments and oil companies, and consumers due to smuggling and adulteration. These phenomena result in significant tax revenue losses, high pollution of environment, health problems for citizens and many technical problems with their vehicles. Adulteration with illicit chemicals is harmful for environment and consumers can be identified and prevented.

GFI Petromark has developed a state-of-the-art, comprehensive solution to combat these illegal actions and to diminish these illegal phenomena.